all your files in one place

Organize your in progress and finished work in Projects. Easily find, review, share and manage your videos, images, documents and more.

Project Organization in Shift

Find your files fast

Upload, tag, and find your files with custom metadata. Search across projects by team member, upload date, file type and much more.

Search in Shift

Secure your most valuable assets

Secure your content with personalized watermarking, private sharing, and custom user permissions.

Watermarking in Shift

Real-time, personalized watermarking

Secure all your content with SafeStream, the only real-time watermarking technology to deter content leaks and unauthorized sharing.

Securely manage teams

Project level user permissions give you peace of mind knowing your content is in the right hands.

Internal and external sharing

Control access to your shared content with private links, password protection, and custom link expiration.

Integrate seamlessly
with your existing tools

Connect Shift with your existing tools using our Adobe panel and Zapier integrations.

Google Drive
After Effects
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