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After Effects

Adobe Integration

Integrate right into your video, photo, and graphics workflows. Securely edit your content and collaborate with your team without switching between systems.

Seamlessly import files

Import assets into Premiere Pro and After Effects from your organized Projects.

Easily export for feedback

Export your sequence or composition as a private or public Link with expiration dates and custom passwords.

Sync feedback to your timeline

Pull comments from your recipients that synch directly to your timeline. Iterate on feedback with auto-updating versions.

Connect with Zapier to unlock integrations with over 1,500 websites and apps.

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More productivity with your whole team up to date

Log your team's activity in a real-time Slack channel or Google Sheet. Attach files to your timelines and message threads in your go-to productivity tools.

Publish from the edit bay to your audiences

Publish your team's approved content directly to all your social channels.

Manage digital assets with easy file synching to and from your other cloud storage apps

Pull files you're working on in for review and approval. Once you've wrapped a project, push files out to archive them.
Connect SHIFT with Zapier

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