Studio-grade security
for creators of all sizes

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Hollywood and Madison Avenue for over 15 years, Shift secures everything from feature films to social media ads to podcasts.


Cloud security

Content protection

Internal security

Personalized & dynamic

Each watermark is personalized to the authorized viewer. SafeStream embeds user information (e.g. name, email) into every file in real time.

Life insurance for your content

Visible watermarking acts as an offensive to deter unauthorized sharing, and forensic tracking helps you track the source of leaks.

Flexible options

Choose to use either visible or forensic watermarking, or both for double protection. Turn on SafeStream at the project level or for your entire workspace.

Cloud security

In order to deliver the fastest and most secure media management experience, our cloud-hosted application follows Amazon’s Well-Architected Framework. That means that Shift has been architected to be secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient, from the ground-up. 

Password rotation

No standing access to production systems

Standard encryption

Multi-factor authentication

Content protection

Your digital assets are valuable. Shift is here to protect your business by protecting your content

Single Sign-on (SSO)

We integrate with Single Sign-on (SSO) providers to match your company's authentication process

Encrypted data

We encrypt data in transit and at rest, and use 256-bit encryption—the same requirement the U.S. government uses for all sensitive data.

Internal security

Securing our software means nothing if our offices aren’t secure — that’s why we invest heavily in equipping employees and outfitting our offices with the best available security technologies.


A Google research study found that hardware security tokens are the most secure means of protecting against device hijacking. All Shift employees use the Yubikey hardware token to access internal systems.

Password strength & rotation

Password strength and rotation policies, antivirus and anti-malware on all endpoints, and content control on employee devices. All employees use the company network and VPN and we ensure no standing access to critical systems.

Physical security

Our offices follow best practices for physical security, including security cameras and bluetooth-based door locks.